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Ben Drury SweetTalk

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008


So got to hang out with Ben Drury AGAIN last night before, during and after SweetTalk 32 ! What a great guy, his design work for Mo Wax Records is Amazing! For a long time in the 90’s I was buying every record Mo Wax released for the music and the design. I was a bit of a fan boy at the start of the night as I had brought along some record covers for him to sign. Like the above Money Mark EP - Don’t Cry.

I love being in the Candy Collective!

CANDY hits the virtual shelves

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008


Finally, after a much needed break, the first of 2 new issues of CANDY is now online and available to download at CandyCollective. The above image is ‘Trust Us’ by Sarah Knight who is one of the many illustrators, designers, photographer etc featured in this issue.

The second installment will be up really soon so that gives you enough time to get stuck into this one!

See you all at Thursday’s Sweettalk!

In other CANDY related news, anyone who’s interested in seeing Non-Format and Stefan Sagmeister at a special Sweettalk event in June, we’ve now sold over half of the tickets so get your skates on if you haven’t already got your ticket!